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Nov 21 2018

The best smartphones for the AI enthusiast

Black Friday — the U.S.’s single-biggest shopping day — is nearly upon us, and that’s great news if you’re in the market for a smartphone. Retailers like Target and Best Buy are offering hundreds of dollars off the purchase of flagship Samsung Galaxy handsets. There’s a buy-one-get-one-free deal on LG G7 ThinQ at T-Mobile. And […]

Nov 15 2018

It's finally here: This is the ugliest smartphone in the history of smartphones

If there’s one thing Android users love, it’s the notch. That’s why diehard Android fans were so excited when just about every smartphone maker on the planet decided to copy Apple’s iPhone X design earlier this year. Just in case it wasn’t clear, we’re being sarcastic and hardcore Android fans have historically hated the notch. […]

Nov 13 2018

eBay Pre-Black Friday 2018: 5 Best Deals On Smartphones

If you’re in the market for some outstanding deals on smartphones, turning to eBay might be the best move you can make. Thanks to a community of sellers all vying for your attention, eBay has become a popular destination for people seeking deals on devices. A quick search on the company’s website reveals a slew […]

Nov 12 2018

Samsung plans to release new foldable smartphones every year

Samsung is going to produce an estimated 300 million smartphones in this year, according to an estimate from market research firm TrendForce. Compared to how large a pile of handsets that represents, the South Korea-based tech giant’s much-hyped experiment with foldable phones is only going to represent a small blip, at least at first. We […]

Nov 09 2018

Walmart's Black Friday deals include big price cuts on PS4, Xbox One X, smartphones, and more

If it seems like it’s too early to start planning for Black Friday, you’d be wrong! Target, Amazon and Costco have already started sharing early Black Friday deals, and now Walmart has just released its upcoming discounts. There are significant price cuts on consoles including the Xbox One X, PS4 1TB, and Nintendo Switch, so […]

Nov 02 2018

iPad Remained World's Most Popular Tablet Last Quarter While Huawei Topped Apple in Smartphones Again

Apple continued to lead the tablet market in the third quarter of 2018, with the iPad achieving “nearly double the shipments of its nearest competitor,” according to data shared by research firm IDC today. Apple on Thursday reported sales of 9.7 million iPads last quarter, giving it an estimated 26.6 percent share of the worldwide […]

Oct 26 2018

New DMCA exemptions let users legally jailbreak smart speakers, unlock smartphones, and more

Why it matters: The Right to Repair movement just got a huge boost, thanks to the work of iFixit founder Kyle Wiens and several of his peers within the gadget repair industry. After spending three days petitioning the US Copyright Office, Wiens and co. managed to win several DMCA concessions, which will allow consumers to […]

Oct 23 2018

Qualcomm is expecting at least two 5G flagship smartphones in 2019

Richard Lai/Engadget If you’ve been wondering when to expect the first 5G smartphone on the market, there’s now a somewhat official answer from none other than Qualcomm. Speaking at the 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong, Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon said that based on what his company has visibility to, they are expecting “at least two […]

Sep 17 2018

5G may mean the return of smartphones locked to specific carriers

When 5G smartphones launch next year, they’ll bring a wave of improvements such as faster internet access and larger data caps. Unfortunately, they’ll also have one major downside. Most of the phones that launch with 5G capabilities will be locked to specific carriers. While speaking with PC Mag, Gordon Mansfield, AT&T’s vice president of radio networks and device design, […]

Sep 17 2018

AT&T expects 5G to bring back carrier-locked smartphones

5G networks are expected to bring a whole host of benefits such as faster speeds and much higher network capacities. But according to AT&T’s VP of radio networks and device, Gordon Mansfield, some unfortunate setbacks will also arrive. For years now, US consumers have become accustomed to owning carrier-transferable 4G LTE smartphones – this removes […]