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Published 8:13 AM EST Nov 15, 2018

Although her husband is not lacking in Kanye-fidence, Kim Kardashian West definitely thinks Yeezus could work on his communication skills.

The reality star and entrepreneur’s husband, Kanye West, became a topic at Variety and Rolling Stone’s Criminal Justice Reform Summit held Wednesday.

When new commentator Van Jones brought up the couple’s seemingly “different politics,” Kardashian West was quick to correct him. 

“I feel like he’s very misunderstood, and he’s just the worst communicator,” she said, drawing laughter from the audience. “But when we talk about it, we have very similar politics.

“He’s very not political, actually,” she continued. “He just happens to like Donald Trump’s personality but doesn’t know about the politics. So, I’ve educated him, recently and…” she trailed off, laughing.

Gathering her thoughts, she said: “I think it gets really misconstrued. He will always say he was friendly with him before, and he’s the same person and friendly with him now.

“And I could also co-exist with someone and still have different political views,” she said, pointing to the example of her momager, Kris Jenner, who spent more than 20 years married to Caitlyn Jenner, an outspoken Republican who supported President Trump until recently. (She has since said that she was wrong in her assumption that he would be good for LGBTQ community.)

Kardashian West expanded on comments she made last month in a podcast interview with Jones.

“I think what my husband fights for – and again, he’s not the best communicator at explaining it – but what he fights for is the right to like what he wants to like, even if it’s different from what you like,” Kardashian West said, clarifying the “I Love It” rapper’s intent. “He never said, ‘Okay, I know what’s going on with immigration, and I know this and I know that.’ If he really knew, he would feel very compassionate about it.”

“I know it’s very confusing because when you see someone wearing a red hat you would think that they are supporting that,” she added, “but he’s just fighting for free thought and the freedom to like a person, even if it’s not the popular decision.”

When Jones suggest Kardashian West was attempting to be “a Kanye translator, in a way,” the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star was quick to agree: “He does need a translator, for real.”

“But, I’m around him all the time, so I know what he talks about at home,” she added. “I’m like, ‘Wait, you just said basically the opposite of what you just showed out there.’ “

Kardashian West brought up her husband’s Oct. 11 Oval Office appearance, where he revealed he feels like Superman when wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat.

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“After he went to the White House or has been outspoken, I could have easily been on social media and corrected him,” she said. “But I believe people have their own journeys. And I know his heart, so I know that one day what he’s been trying to say will come out. It’s taken a little long so I’m jumping in and helping him out, but I just know his heart so I never really stress too much.”

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And it’s West’s devotion to personal authenticity that his wife admires.

“As much as I won’t agree with something, I do respect he’s always who he is, no matter if it’s popular, no matter if it’s the cool thing to do. He’s always himself,” she answered when asked why she loves him so.

“I might, inside, just want to be his translator all the time,” she continued, “but I do respect that he has his own path, and he is his own person, and he has his own opinions.”

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