Drama went down at Cardi B’s Fashion Nova party. Iggy Azalea took to social media to go off on Danielle Bregoli after she allegedly threw a drink at her. Iggy called out the ‘Dr. Phil girl’ in a series of shocking posts.

So much happened at Cardi B’s Fashion Nova launch party on Nov. 14, and Iggy Azalea, 28, filled us all in after Danielle Bregoli, 15, a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie, sparked drama after allegedly throwing a drink at her at the party. After the alleged incident, Iggy hit up her Instagram Story and said, “Am I just going to have a half and half wig for the rest of the night?” She also added this caption to the video, “So the Dr. Phil girl is really upset about me apparently and thought I’d fight a child?! LOL Anyway! The fashion nova party is LIT!”

Iggy didn’t stop there, though. Danielle took to her Instagram Story to call out Iggy. “It’s simple,” Danielle wrote. “Don’t talk all sorts of sh*t on the internet and n [sic] come up to me like u [sic] my friend. Some of these hoes like u [sic] fake n [sic] 2 faced [sic] as f**k but I’m not that bich [sic].” When a fan tweeted at Iggy about what Danielle said, Iggy responded: “I literally was standing there taking pictures wide open no security. Felt water thrown on my wig. Turned around and saw all these people scuffling and screaming – I thought there was a fight in that section. I was confused as f**k about what was going on.”

Iggy continued, “Then some fat girl started yelling and my friend raven jumped over a sofa and was tryna [sic] fight that fat girl. I saw some red hair and saw it was the Dr Phil girl. I couldn’t hear a thing she said it’s a club and she was far.” The Australian rapper added that she had Danielle removed from the party. “The security escorted her out,” Iggy tweeted. “And she logged on to the gram from the parking lot I guess to claim her clout for what I don’t know. I stayed and enjoyed the night.”

The rapper responded to many fan questions about what went down. Iggy claimed she never went up to Danielle at the party. “No one approached me, her own babysitters moved her further and further way from me until I couldn’t see her,” Iggy tweeted. “It was some ‘hold me back’ fake fight reality TV vibes. Then she was escorted out.” Danielle has not responded to Iggy’s tweets. This feud is heating up and shows no signs of slowing down.

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